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Apollo Watch On Thecoolector

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To The Moon And Back

Expertly striking the balance between traditional and contemporary watchmaking, the Apollo Watch boasts a seamless crystal encasement which provides the sort freedom that only space travel can provide – a freedom without boundaries – whilst also teasing the senses with a mirrored reflection of the dial and the absolute galaxy of detail that has gone into the design of these exemplary timepieces which is head and shoulders above most that you will encounter on Kickstarter.

The Apollo Watch is heavily influenced by the enigma of space travel and exploration and this shines through in many of the design features of this eye-catching timepiece. Available in four different iterations – two limited edition offerings and two Kickstarter timepieces – these Apollo Watches are some of the coolest looking we’ve encountered in some time here at Coolector HQ and we’re loving their space inspired aesthetic which really helps to set them apart from the competition.

With a design that immediately draws the eye, these Apollo Watches on Kickstarter have an Italian design, made from top quality materials and, best of all, come at an affordable price which means you can get a watch of this calibre on your wrist and it doesn’t cost the earth – which seems fitting for a timepiece of an astrological leaning. With Hesalite crystal on both front and back of the watch, it has an impressive level of durability and is ready for the day in, day out wearing that you’re sure to want to put it through.



Devil in the Detail

Exceptional attention to detail abounds with the gloriously stylish Apollo Watch and the dial has a background that is a map of the northern sky and the degree sub-dial transforms Apollo into a useful tool as a result. It’s custom design hands, the 12 different stars that indicate the hours and the see through date are just some of the excellent pieces of design that make the Apollo a truly unique timepiece.

With a Miyota 8219 movement which beats at a frequency of 21,600 BPH / 3 Hz, Miyota has proven to be more accurate than most mechanical watches at 18,000 BPH / 2.5 Hz so it’s hard not to be impressed with the performance capabilities of the brilliantly design Apollo Watch which is positively hurtling towards its funding target on Kickstarter after a mere 24 hours. If you want to add a touch of the stars to your wrist, head on over now and pick yours up for a bargain price.

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Here’s Apollo, a Dubai-based Crowdfunded Regulator Watch

A Dubai-based crowdfunding campaign to launch quirky regulator watch goes live on September 28. The Apollo watch’s design is inspired by space and is powered by self-winding mechanical movement with a unique double domed Hesalite crystal.

The regulator dial separates the time, hour and minutes registers
What is a regulator watch? A relic of horological history, a regulator watch design is one where all three time registers – hours, minutes and seconds – have been separated. The minutes hand remains central but the hours and seconds registers are confined to subdials. The regulator design was first used in ateliers where a central clock with a prominent minutes hand provided the time for watchmakers to regulate clocks and watches that they were working on.

What’s most striking about Apollo is its unique case construction. The 38 mm case is dominated by a double domed Hesalite crystal. Both the front and back use a domed crystal which is brought together by a slim matt-finished steel caseband. The movement itself is not fixed to the case, as seen in most watches, but it is fixed to a toroidal-shaped support. This construction lends the pebble-shaped case a bubble effect.

Hesalite, a synthetic crystal most famously used in the Omega Speedmaster models that went to space, was used here because the dome has extreme curvatures that would have been impossible to realize with the more conventional sapphire crystal.

“Hesalite is a synthetic glass and permits to have perfect transparent edges and an internal dome that’s different from the external shape. Apollo’s domed glass is also polished by hand to have the best bubble effect. It would not be possible with normal glass,” said Filippo Cima, the designer of the watch.

We got a hands-on look at a prototype of Neptune, one of the four models in the Apollo range. Neptune is characterized by a deep blue dial that serves as a map of the northern sky. The subdial at 9 o’ clock uses stars to mark the hours and a small seconds counter sits lower near 4 o’clock. A laser-cut date window is placed at 2. A degree scale is placed on the circumference of the domed dial. This scale, used in compass watches, is a nod to the ancient instruments that were used to navigate the high seas.

Flip the watch over to view the Miyota 8219 self-winding movement. Beating at 3 Hz (21,600 vph) and with enough juice when fully wound to run for 40 hours, this Japanese workhorse is a reliable movement used in plenty of entry-level mechanical watches. The watch is paired with an Italian leather strap fitted with a tang buckle.

Thanks to a case that’s just 12.75 mm thick and 38 mm wide, the timepiece is extremely comfortable on the wrist. The regulator design is a throwback to a bygone era and there is a certain vintage charm to this watch.


However, if I had to nit-pick, I would bring your attention to the poor legibility on the dial, especially on the degree scale where the numbers bunch up towards the end. The semi-spherical crown is not the easiest to grasp and feels a bit fragile when the crown is pulled out to adjust the time and date. Hopefully, these issues will be sorted out on the final production pieces.

Quibbles aside, this is a quirky proposition and considering the price (the range starts at $199), it’s good to see a Dubai-based Kickstarter project trying something unique in the crowdfunding space. To find out more information or to see the campaign visit

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Regular Watch Designed to Honor Aerospace Technology Launches on Kickstarter

Apollo watch is a retro-chic regulator watch, designed with hours, minutes, and seconds on separate dials, for both men and women.

Chicago, United States – September 7, 2017 – Created by an international team driven by the idea of developing a new way of watchmaking, iDEA & Associates created the Apollo watch. Designed using technology directly aligned with the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility, the Apollo watch launched on Kickstarter September 28th with a $25,000 funding goal.

Apollo’s design is incredibly unique. Mechanically, the movement is fixed on a support, which allows the case to be much thinner than typical watches and creates an ‘inner bubble effect.’ Both the curved casing and the back of the watch are made from Hesalite crystal, a robust, shatterproof material. The team selected this material to ensure that the casing was heavy-duty and that the Apollo watch remains smudge-free.

Additionally, the crystal is dome-shaped extending to the very edge of the watch’s face. This function slightly magnifies the dial elements for better legibility from all angles and lighting conditions.

From the chrome finish to the spear-shaped hour and minute hands that were specifically designed to easily catch light, what sets Apollo apart from other regulator watches is its immaculate design features. The Apollo watch’s motor, Miyota 8219, was carefully selected and developed to reduce friction and wear on moving parts. Apollo’s hand-selected motor is guaranteed to maintain temperature stability and operate efficiently without lubrication.

“The regulator is one of the things that hails back to the start of watch making, alongside other historical items like pocket watches. Inspired by space, Apollo’s design is incredibly unique,” said Co-founder, Filippo Cima. “Our team is all driven by the idea of developing a new craft of watchmaking to honor the aerospace industry with the use of the actual technologies in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility. Our combined experience enables us to communicate what we actually want to our suppliers and how it has to be done, rather than just buying what is offered; in fact, every single part of the Apollo timepiece is custom-made to match our need for quality and design.”


The watch has a unique pebble-like shape and the high-domed crystal, which rises proudly above the casing. With a thickness of 12.75 mm and a width of 38 mm, Apollo makes for an incredibly comfortable and sleek fashion accessory. The Apollo Watch is now available on Kickstarter at $199. To find out more information or to see the campaign visit

About iDEA & Associates

iDEA & Associates is a high-end multidisciplinary design firm headquartered in Dubai. The company’s skill base includes industrial engineering, interior and exterior architecture, project management, and project supervision. We provide our clients with unique turnkey solutions, incorporating all aspects required within project-based work, from concept to design through to engineering and prototyping. We partner with diverse businesses; what unites them is their desire to innovate.

Together we strive to be the best and to go beyond what was considered to be the limit of technology. It’s with these like-minded visionaries that we form long-term collaborations, working to solve existing challenges, and innovate across all areas.

Everything we produce, from buildings to interiors, to transport, engineering, and product design is the culmination of an evolutionary process that derives beauty from form, economy, and efficiency. For more information, please visit
Apollo Watch Campaign.
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Apollo Watches – The regulator watch inspired by Space – Kickstarter

We are driven by the idea of developing a new craft of watchmaking to honor the aerospace industry with the use of innovative design

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Apollo Regulator Watch

The Apollo watch is a perfect union of modern and tradition.

The regulator is one of the things that hails back to the start of watch making, alongside other historical items like pocket watches. It’s nothing new that mechanical watches can be seen as something of an anachronism these days, but a big part of the reason why they remain so successful is the “soul” that draws us in. There are 4 models of Apollo, all inspired by space, galaxies and the universe.

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Apollo Watch Is Designed and Created to Honor The Aerospace Industry

Apollo Watch is a regulator watch designed and created to honor the aerospace industry. Featuring 33mm wide and 12.75mm high domed crystal cover, this watch is a perfect blend of modern and tradition, technology and simplicity, it’s a universal watch for both men and women.

Can you imagine seeing the world through glass dome of a spacewalk helmet? That’s why Apollo is designed with seamless crystal case, it offers freedom without boundaries, making it stand from the crowd. This watch is the result of the design team’s love of art and precision instruments of time, it was also inspired by the beauty of space.


Apollo Watch design respects vintage style yet redefines itself into modern world. Available in four models, all of these watches are inspired by space, galaxies, and the universe. The dial features cosmos details: small seconds, minutes, and small hours, the background features a map of northern sky while the degree sub-dial transforms Apollo into a useful tool. Apollo watch has special feature, double bubble effect, it’s the curved casing made from hesalite crystal, shatterproof material that’s gone into space for many occasions.

Tuvie has received “Apollo Watch” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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Men’s Fall Fashion Must-Haves on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Fall has officially arrived which means it is time for us all to change our closet from shorts and tees, to pants and sweaters. If you’re like me you’ve probably realized that your wardrobe leaves much to be desired. Lucky for us Kickstarter and Indiegogo have some awesome products worthy of the title men’s Fall fashion must-haves that will hopefully fill the cracks of your wardrobe. From head to toe, I would like to introduce you to some of my current favorites!


Style & Tech High-Performance Everyday Shirts

Everyday shirts for the everyday man and all of life’s occasions. This class shirt rises to all of life’s challenges, ensuring that you feel fresh first thing in the morning and have that same freshness late in the evening. With a timeless design, two-way stretch fabric, anti-odor technology, quick-drying capabilities and much more, Style & Tech high-performance shirts will be the only shirt that you’ll ever need this season. Check it out HERE!


Method: The Rain Jacket That Feels Like a Sweatshirt

The Method Jacket provides all weather protection for all day comfort. Made from waterproof fleece, this outdoor jacket is as soft as a sweatshirt and giving you more for less. Despite the fact that it is included in a Men’s’ Fashion round-up, it is thoughtfully crafted fit for women and men with a full and quarter-zip design. What is better to keep you warm and dry this Fall? Check it out HERE!


Etugen Cashmere: 100 Percent Cashmere Multipurpose Wrap & Scarf

Experience the warmth, softness, and lightness of pure cashmere everywhere you go. Etugen Cashmere brings a high-quality, elegant cashmere scarf to the table worthy of any man’s wardrobe. With cool temperatures coming, a new scarf is a definite must have. Check it out HERE!


Apollo Watches- The Regulator Watch Inspired By Space

A new season calls for a new watch. The Apollo Watch is one of the best timepieces on Kickstarter this year with its perfect union of modern and tradition, of technology and simplicity. Driven by the idea of developing a new craft of watchmaking to honor the aerospace industry with the use of innovative design, this watch not only will make a nice addition to your wardrobe but also create a great conversation starter. Check it out HERE!


SOLOSOCKS 2.0- A Unique Solution To Missing Socks

We all struggle with finding the match to a pair of socks when doing laundry. Tired of throwing out single socks? So am I. Luckily, Kickstarter has the perfect socklution: SOLOSOCKS. SOLOSOCKS saves you the time of finding and pairing socks, allowing you to grab 2 socks and go. They are organic, sustainable, innovative, high-end, designer socks that are the perfect addition to any shoe and pant combination you’ll have this Fall. Check it out HERE!
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Apollo siktar mot stjärnorna

Apollo Regulator är ett Kickstarter-projekt för klockor. Jag träffade grundarna som minglade runt på Dubai Watch Week. Apolloklockorna har specialpris veckan ut för Cafés läsare.

Apollo ville ha 210 000 kronor, fick in dryga miljonen kronor genom sin Kickstarterkampanj. Så de gjorde inte sönder internet, men framgången är tillräckligt stor för att dra igång ett märke som får flera att höja på ögonbrynen när jag träffar Filippo Cima och Harriet Stewart, två av de tre grundarna i Dubai.

Apollo-klockorna har en väldigt speciell design: både toppen och botten av klockan består av välvda hesalitglas, som hålls ihop av en mattslipad stålring. Konceptet går ut på rymden och planeter – den lätt röriga urtavlan är en bild av norra hemisfärens stjärnhimmel, och det finns flera varianter med planeter och andra kosmiska motiv.

Trots de moderata priserna från 220 dollar så har du flera möjligheter att skräddarsy klockan – eller åtminstone fritt välja färg och material på band, boett, och urtavla.

– Eftersom klockan är din och en del av dig så ska den spegla dig och din smak, det är viktigt som kund att kunna välja, säger Filippo som till vardags designar båtar och ljusfasader på skyskrapor.

Urverket är klockvärldens motsvarighet till en stabil Toyota – ett automatiskt Miyota-urverk. Precisionen på Miyota är inte lika bra som på dyrare schweiziska verk, vi pratar ±20 sekunder per dag.

Men det är ändå härligt att ha en mekanisk klocka som drivs av en rotor, inga batterier, ingen elektronik – en riktig klocka, helt enkelt!

Urtavlan är också speciell eftersom man har gjort en regulator style, med separata visare för timmar, minuter och sekund. De som är intresserade av independent-märken känner säkert igen att en tydlig designreferens är Ressence, men Apollo är en annan prisklass.


– Många som har mer avancerade high-end klockor som Ressence eller Audemars Piguet, MB&F och de andra som ställer ut här på Dubai Watch Week vill också ha en enklare vardagsklocka som de kan ta med sig överallt, säger Harriet Stewart.

Apollo kostade under Kickstarter-kampanjen från 1 820 kronor i stället för kommande butikspris från 2 980 kronor. Kickstarter-kampanjen har stängt, men för Cafés läsare är samma priser som på Kickstarter tillgängliga veckan ut (4  nov klockan 00.00) – skicka ett mail med dina adressuppgifter och bild på den klocka du vill ha till

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The Apollo Watch: A Regulator Watch Inspired by Space

Apollo recently created 4 Limited Editions regulator watch models, all inspired by space, Solar system planets and their Satellites. The four Limited Edition regulator watches are Eclipse, Full Moon, Uranus and Neptune. Eclipse and Full Moon are now available.

For those don’t know what a regulator watch is it is defined as a watch with hours, minutes and seconds on separate dials. Below is a great picture of how the Apollo regulator watch is built.

Apollo watch features a seamless pebble-like shape and domed crystals, which rises proudly above the case. Apollo assembled Hesalite crystal on both front and back of the watch making it even more unique. The background on the watch is a map of the northern sky and the degree sub-dial. Below are more features of the Apollo watch.

Last week the Apollo introduced a limited edition watch titled, ‘The Earth.’ The special edition watch, which is hand-painted by artist Chris Alexander, sold out in a matter of hours as only 17 units were made available to the public. I’m not certain if they will make more of this model or if that model will remain sold out.

Apollo launched their Kickstarter campaign about 15 days ago with $89,220 already pledged towards their $25,000 goal. The Kickstarter campaign is an All or nothing project and will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Wed, November 1 2017 11:44 AM CDT. Their least expensive package including an Apollo watch starts at $199.00 and includes: One Neptune or Uranus and one Leather Nato strap. If their goal is met the Apollo Early Bird will ship out in December 2017. If they exceed their goal below is their stretch goals chart with more information about each goal.

To find out more about Apollo watches, visit the Kickstarter campaign here,

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Bubble Effect Regulator Watch


Our team spend last 9 months on our passion project ( and want to update you on our passion project-Apollo Watch. We will launch the campaign on on Sep 28th. It’s inspired by space and galaxy, a bubble effect regulator watch! Start from $199. Get it now.