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To The Moon And Back

Expertly striking the balance between traditional and contemporary watchmaking, the Apollo Watch boasts a seamless crystal encasement which provides the sort freedom that only space travel can provide – a freedom without boundaries – whilst also teasing the senses with a mirrored reflection of the dial and the absolute galaxy of detail that has gone into the design of these exemplary timepieces which is head and shoulders above most that you will encounter on Kickstarter.

The Apollo Watch is heavily influenced by the enigma of space travel and exploration and this shines through in many of the design features of this eye-catching timepiece. Available in four different iterations – two limited edition offerings and two Kickstarter timepieces – these Apollo Watches are some of the coolest looking we’ve encountered in some time here at Coolector HQ and we’re loving their space inspired aesthetic which really helps to set them apart from the competition.

With a design that immediately draws the eye, these Apollo Watches on Kickstarter have an Italian design, made from top quality materials and, best of all, come at an affordable price which means you can get a watch of this calibre on your wrist and it doesn’t cost the earth – which seems fitting for a timepiece of an astrological leaning. With Hesalite crystal on both front and back of the watch, it has an impressive level of durability and is ready for the day in, day out wearing that you’re sure to want to put it through.

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Devil in the Detail

Exceptional attention to detail abounds with the gloriously stylish Apollo Watch and the dial has a background that is a map of the northern sky and the degree sub-dial transforms Apollo into a useful tool as a result. It’s custom design hands, the 12 different stars that indicate the hours and the see through date are just some of the excellent pieces of design that make the Apollo a truly unique timepiece.

With a Miyota 8219 movement which beats at a frequency of 21,600 BPH / 3 Hz, Miyota has proven to be more accurate than most mechanical watches at 18,000 BPH / 2.5 Hz so it’s hard not to be impressed with the performance capabilities of the brilliantly design Apollo Watch which is positively hurtling towards its funding target on Kickstarter after a mere 24 hours. If you want to add a touch of the stars to your wrist, head on over now and pick yours up for a bargain price.

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