We are iDEA


We offer a single point-of-contact for all your design, engineering and architectural needs. From integrating technology onto buildings, lighting solutions to industrial design and bespoke custom objects we support our clients from concept to delivery.

At iDEA&Associates we design utilizing a broad digital approach operating on 2D and 3D software programs, virtualization, photo-realistic images, video renders, 3D printing technology (PLA, SLA, LCD). We strongly believe that research and development, together with design and engineering, are essential steps to build highly effective products.

At iDEA&Associates, we believe that the main actor of a Media facade is the building and not the technology, a concept even more important for retro-fit screens. In just few years we have innovated the multi-media facade industry introducing new standards such as “invisible”, perfectly integrated, screens and the Redundancy concept.



We start studying the daily operations and the construction method of all the parts of the building. Once we have understood all the components of the building, with special attention to the Facade system, we are able to provide a custom solution tailor made on the client’s needs and budget.

Once the building has been analyzed, we prepare multiple solutions and we write the tender that our client can use to test the market and eventually award the main contractor. Our knowledge of the extreme Middle Eastern weather conditions, allow us to scrutinize the technology and guide our clients to the best solution. If not satisfied we will work with the technology manufacturer to implement their products and meet the client’s requirements.



At iDEA&Associates, projects begin with our clients’ ideas, which we follow as guidelines. Ideas that we treat with respect and integrate into our design protecting them through all the design stages.

Once the concept Phase is approved, we begin the Design phase. During the Design Phase, iDEA&Associates’ designers optimize the shapes in order to meet the client’s taste with the functionality of the parts.



At iDEA&Associates we invest a lot of time in Research & Development. Through this phase we are able to process a lot of informations that for the Engineering Phase. R&D is a fundamental step for big and complicated project such as Burj Khalifa LED screen.

Once we have finalized the R&D, iDEA&Associates’ engineers move to the Engineering phase. It’s at this stage where we define all the components and we finalize all the aspects of the projects, from the biggest component to the smallest details.



At iDEA&Associates we believe in technology and we keep open to new approaches to design. We believe that 3D printing and rapid prototyping are effective instruments to improve and optimize the design process.

iDEA&Associates has invested in new technologies and we are able to provide provide 3D printed parts for each phase of the project, from small aesthetic objects to big functional parts to test onsite.





Once the Concept, Design, R&D and Engineering is approved, iDEA&Associates’ architects develop technical drawing for the production. We consider this phase crucial for the good result of the project. We believe that technical drawings are a language to comunicate our design to suppliers.

iDEA&Associates has selected skilled international and local partners. We have selected the best companies who are able to deliver the quality and the attention to details that we use as standard at iDEA&Associates. Our supplier network increase the product value, lower costs and enhance project quality.



iDEA&Associates gives project management support to the projects we have designed. We help to plan the installation phase helping to simulate the process will be used to install all the parts in the right order. We are often asked to help during the time calculation of the assembly (Gantt chart).

During the installation, iDEA&Associates architects and engineers are available on site to support the installation phase. We work side by side with the project manager and suppliers in order to achieve a successful installation as per initial scope of work.



Idea&associates is involved on site to support the delivery of the project. We are often ask to attend launches, events or firsts in order to support the team onsite. iDEA&Associates has been crucial on different big scale projects thanks to our problem solving capabilities.

At iDEA&Associates, we believe that a successful project is the result of a team work. The consider each project as a new challenge and we like to be involved from concept to delivery. Each project is a journey where we meet new people, we encounter new challenges, we learn something more and work with different materials. Passion is the spark that ignite iDEA&Associates.