Apollo Watch Is Designed and Created to Honor The Aerospace Industry

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Apollo Watch is a regulator watch designed and created to honor the aerospace industry. Featuring 33mm wide and 12.75mm high domed crystal cover, this watch is a perfect blend of modern and tradition, technology and simplicity, it’s a universal watch for both men and women.

Can you imagine seeing the world through glass dome of a spacewalk helmet? That’s why Apollo is designed with seamless crystal case, it offers freedom without boundaries, making it stand from the crowd. This watch is the result of the design team’s love of art and precision instruments of time, it was also inspired by the beauty of space.

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Apollo Watch design respects vintage style yet redefines itself into modern world. Available in four models, all of these watches are inspired by space, galaxies, and the universe. The dial features cosmos details: small seconds, minutes, and small hours, the background features a map of northern sky while the degree sub-dial transforms Apollo into a useful tool. Apollo watch has special feature, double bubble effect, it’s the curved casing made from hesalite crystal, shatterproof material that’s gone into space for many occasions.

Tuvie has received “Apollo Watch” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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