Interior design


The Coya Spa has areas that are more personal, looking to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. iDEA&Associates has transformed the lighting into soft tone. Above the treatment tables are customized organic shaped light panels with a print as if you are looking from the table to the jungle. A perfect way to dream away and relax.

Corridors that leads to the treatment rooms has a slightly cooler lumen appearance a warm tone in the rooms is emphasized by this subtle contrast.

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Everything we produce, from Media Facade on buildings to interiors, to transport, engineering and product design is the culmination of an evolutionary process that derives beauty from form, economy and efficiency.



The Coya Spa family has poured tremendous effort and dedication into designing a space befitting the needs of the modern woman in this fast-paced city.

The feminine details, stylish features and touch of natural elements create a relaxing yet energizing oasis, with a focus on three distinguished disciplines: spa, beauty and hair.



A successful lighting design should be integrated into the design and it’s exactly what we do at iDEA&Associates. We enable the lighting to enhance a perception of space, reinforce the activity within a space or highlight prominent areas.

Light is an important factor in how we perceive our environment, influencing the way we feel and our reaction to a space.