07 March 2018

Apollo – The regulator watch inspired by Space

The Apollo watch is a perfect union of modern and tradition, of technology and simplicity and is perfect for all occasions for both men and women.

Imagine seeing the World from the glass dome of a spacewalk helmet, experiencing the infinite vista, the Apollo seamless crystal encasement offers that freedom, freedom without boundaries while teasing the senses just a little with a mirrored reflection of the dial and its galaxy of detail and design.

The regulator is one of the things that hails back to the start of watch making, alongside other historical items like pocket watches. It’s nothing new that mechanical watches can be seen as something of an anachronism these days, but a big part of the reason why they remain so successful is the “soul” that draws us in. There are 4 models of Apollo, all inspired by space, galaxies and the universe.  Apollo is perfect for trendsetters who are looking to experiment with new styles, the Apollo is a handsome watch that will get attention due to its unconventional layout with an accessible cost of entry. Apollo’s design is unique and perfect in every situation.

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Regular Watch Designed to Honor Aerospace Technology Launches on Kickstarter

Apollo watch is a retro-chic regulator watch, designed with hours, minutes, and seconds on separate dials, for both men and women.

Apollo Watches – The regulator watch inspired by Space – Kickstarter

We are driven by the idea of developing a new craft of watchmaking to honor the aerospace industry with the use of innovative design

Apollo Regulator Watch

The Apollo watch is a perfect union of modern and tradition.