The Motiongate Cloud facade is the main landmark of the DreamWork pavillion at Dubai Parks and Resorts. It is a 84 mete long aluminium cloud shaped structure with more than 3000 sqm of printed panel. The facade is designed to reduce the visual mass of the 45,000 square metre indoor “box”, a space which is big enough to fit five Airbus A380s in.

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MOTIONGATE™ Dubai, part of Dubai Parks and Resorts, is the largest Hollywood-inspired theme park in the Middle East, uniting three Hollywood studios for the first time,  Sony Pictures Studios and Smurfs, DreamWorks Animation and Lionsgate. Featuring 27 immersive rides and attractions, 15 live entertainment experiences, 9 themed restaurants and 15 themed retail outlets, MOTIONGATE™ Dubai brings to life 13 of Hollywood’s most beloved blockbuster films.



iDEA&Associates has designed and developed the entire 3000 sqm facade for the Motiongate pavillion. As per brief from the client, the building had to have the cloud shape as per exact design from Dreamworks and it had to last under the sun of the desert for long time.

iDEA&Associates, after extensive R&D, designed a system made of aluminum honeycomb sandwich in order to be light enough for fast installation and in order to dissipate the extreme summer heat. Each panel of 1,5m x 1,5m has been printed with a unique cloud graphic and they have been coded in order to fit in the right place for this huge puzzle. The panels are bonded to it’s frames and not fitted as per standard constructions of this kind. This solution from iDEA&Associates helped to reduce production time and costs.