iDEA&Associates, in partner with OSRAM Traxon E:CUE, supported Debbas in the design and integration of the multi-media facade on Mubadala Tower East and South facades. iDEA provided the design, engineering and R&D of the custom system for this innovative LED display perfectly visible from distance even if the screen is 90 degree oriented.

Our role as Multi-media facade consultants for MUBADALA was to design custom solutions that could integrate the technology onto the building, in a retrospective way and deliver a turnkey solution to the client from the concept, design and engineering through to installation. iDEA&Associates was also involved in the supervision of procurement, production, assembly and installation on the building.

The solution that was delivered to the client meet all building regulations and compliance standards and was designed with the primary focus of preserving the integrity of the building whilst creating a display for all spectators to enjoy.

iDEA&Associates continue to serve MUBADALA as Multi-Media Facade consultant on Mubadala Tower and on other assets of the portfolio.



The fully integrated LED display on Mubadala Tower has an impressive 22.747 Osram Allegro DOT pixels which were manually installed on the building by a rigging team of 13 people, 1 BMU and 13 additional Cradles.

By using over 30 kilometres of custom extruded aluminium, 50 kilometres of cables, 672 Pixel distributors, and 204.723 RGBW pixels. All pixels are be fixed without any form of material causing permanent damage to the building like screws or adhesives.



Mubadala, the Worldwide recognised sovereign investment fund driving innovation and creating new opportunities for new generations in the United Arab Emirates, created an innovative multimedia facade on its headquarter in Abu Dhabi.

The vast led screen is covering the tower on the West, East, and South facade, making the building visible and 360 degrees from the surrounding areas. The screen is an innovative marketing tool that allows the landlord to communicate efficiently with the citizen.



The screen is perfectly integrated into the building thanks to an innovative aluminium system designed and engineered to maintain the original environmental performances of the facade, making the full installation reversible once the lifecycle of the screen is completed.

Mubadala Tower hosts daily shows as well as special shows on occasions such as Emirati national events, New Year’s and National Days, or Worldwide premiere.

The screen, built on the East, South and West facades side, are communicating with the city at 360 degree.



Our experience with the extreme Middle Eastern weather conditions, allow us to scrutinize the technology and guide our clients to the best solution for their buildings. If not satisfied we will work with the technology manufacturer to implement their products, or develop new ones in order to meet the client’s requirements. In just few years we have innovated the multi-media facade industry introducing new standards such as “invisible”, perfectly integrated, aluminum systems and the Redundancy concept for large screens.