This annual Design Challenge is a unique event born out of a synergy between the driven team at Surge and the A+D community’s commitment to sustainable design. Each year, selected design firms compete to design a unique, one of a kind product made completely from sustainable materials.

The annual Surge Gala event acts as a competitive platform for design firms to compete and showcase their best, sustainable masterpieces. UAE’s leading design houses spend months honing bespoke creations that will be unveiled at the gala later this year.



HOK, formerly Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, is an American worldwide design, architecture, engineering and urban planning firm.

As of 2018, HOK is the largest U.S.-based architecture-engineering firm and the fourth-largest interior design firm. The firm maintains more than 1,700 professional staff across a global network of 24 offices and is active in all major architectural specialties. Its senior leaders are located in several different locations across the world.


WATER 2019

…and the Winner is… Thrilled to have won the overall design prize for Surge for Water Design with HOK and iDEA&Associates.

The design ‘Catch of the Day’ was based on traditional fishing cages, Gargoors, which had recently been banned to preserve certain species of fish from extinction. ‘Catch of the day’ re-purposes these discarded cages by transforming each into a relaxed seating element. The volume within the Gargoor is filled with plastic bottles retrieved from recycling bins. These bottles not only lend structural support but also remind us of the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling plastic waste, so they do not end up in our oceans and replace marine life.


WATER 2018

The Lily lamp’s inspiration is derived from the submerged aquatic landscapes and the flora found in those biomes. We imagined ourselves as underwater visitors looking upwards towards the sky; studying the sociographic patterns generated as the light rays interact with the water’s surface.

In producing the Lily Lamp, we have attempted to recreate that refraction effect, creating a strong ambience, reminiscent of the underwater world, with a design shaped as a typical underwater flower: seemingly weightless, delicate and elegant.