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HKEX media facade will be the center of attraction for the entire city. It will be able to perform fast and vivid color contents and it will be used for many occasions such as IPO celebrations, Stock updates, Corporate e and Government messages, New year countdown and National holiday contents.

The screen will be the symbol of a fast- growing city, where HKEX is the center its economy.



HKEX holds an enviable and recognizable position as the preferred market for international issuers and investors looking to access China; and the international market of choice for Chinese issuers and investors.

HKEX media facade is designed to have full visibility from the city. The screen is wrapping the building at 360 degree in order to be visible from any angle of the city.



HKEX media facade will be fully integrated on the building thanks to a custom system engineered on the existing facade and building elements.

The entire system will be fabricated at the highest international construction standards in order to not compromise the aesthetics, the daily operations and the value of the building ,especially in the eventuality the client want to remove the screen in the future.