iDEA&Associates supported ShowLED in the design and integration of the multi-media facade on Burj Khalifa. iDEA provided the design, engineering and R&D of the custom system for the record-breaking LED display.

Our role within the project was to design custom solutions that could integrate the technology onto the building, in a retrospective way and deliver a turnkey solution to the client from the concept, design and engineering through to installation.

The solution that was delivered to the client meet all building regulations and compliance standards and was designed with the primary focus of preserving the integrity of the building whilst creating a display for all spectators to enjoy.



The record-breaking LED display has an impressive 51.000 ShowLED Hybrid pixels which were all manually placed into position by a rigging team of 30 people.

By using 75,000 custom designed brackets, all pixels could be fixed without any form of material causing permanent damage to the building like screws or adhesives.

This system was developed and engineered specifically for Burj Khalifa, resulting in more than 357,000 LEDs, 645 power supplies, 70 km of power/data cable, 2km of fibre optic network cabling, and 95 Hybrid controllers.



Soaring 828 meters above the metropolis of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building. The design for the 162-story tower combines local cultural influences with cutting-edge technology to achieve high performance in an extreme desert climate.

Beyond its record-breaking height, the Burj Khalifa incorporates new structural and construction efficiencies to reduce material usage and waste. These include a “sky-sourced” ventilation system, in which cool, less humid air is drawn in through the top of the building. The tower also has one of the largest condensate recovery systems in the world.



As with all digital displays, this larger than life LED surface is perfect for running content across.

Burj Khalifa hosts daily shows as well as special shows on occasions such as Emirati national events, New Year’s and National Days, or Worldwide premiere such as F-Pace launch in 2017.

The screen, built on one side of its facades, is facing Burj Lake in Downtown Dubai.



Our experience with the extreme Middle Eastern weather conditions, allow us to scrutinize the technology and guide our clients to the best solution for their buildings. If not satisfied we will work with the technology manufacturer to implement their products, or develop new ones in order to meet the client’s requirements. In just few years we have innovated the multi-media facade industry introducing new standards such as “invisible”, perfectly integrated, aluminum systems and the Redundancy concept for large screens.