By installing an innovative LED display on the fully glazed facade on the north side of the building, iDEA&Associates did not only increase its visibility, but it also supplied the majestic tower with a unique visual voice that can’t be overlooked by anyone other building in the surrounding.

The media facade made of Adnoc HQ the indisputed iconic building in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.



The ADNOC facade system is a permanent installation, our focus leans more towards complimenting the aesthetics of the building and the fixation of the setup.

The design of the proposed system had to blend as much as possible with the existing structure while being so carefully engineered it allowed the building’s unobstructed movement. Looking at general maintenance or glass replacement, the system had to be solid yet easily removable when needed.



The building incorporates energy efficiency and sustainable engineering technologies, such as a double skin façade, LED exterior lighting.

Designed by HOK, the overall building complex consists of more than 65 floors with an office tower, corniche club, SPC and Crisis Management Centre, a heritage museum and other supporting facilities.



iDEA&Associates, in conjunction with Showled for this project, is responsible for the design, R&D and Engineering for customized application of LED in the architectural field. Our role is to develop custom solutions from concept and design trough to installation.

We are able to integrate technology on valuable buildings, such as Burj Khalifa’s LED screen, and build a cohesive team to realize an integrate media facade as per the initial brief from the client.



Our experience with the extreme Middle Eastern weather conditions, allow us to scrutinize the technology and guide our clients to the best solution for their buildings. If not satisfied we will work with the technology manufacturer to implement their products, or develop new ones in order to meet the client’s requirements.

In just few years we have innovated the multi-media facade industry introducing new standards such as “invisible”, perfectly integrated, aluminum systems and the Redundancy concept for large screens.