iDEA&Associates has designed for front shop for Emegenegildo Zegna’s Mall of the Emirates shop. The brief from the client was to have a luxurious entrance made of natural stone and metal but it should be also as much “transparent” as possible. iDEA&Associates provided a solution for with a light structure integrated in the design in order to not be visible from the customer perspective. The structure is lightweight but strong enough to carry 2 huge glasses of 3.4m x 4,5m.

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As a family business, Ermenegildo Zegna goes back to the second half of the 19th century. Angelo Zegna a watchmaker by trade, started weaving wool from four looms. Of his ten children it was the last, Ermenegildo born in 1892, who took over what was to become one of Italy’s best known and most dynamic family businesses.

It was the young entrepreneur; Ermenegildo aged 18 that founded the Lanificio Zegna in 1910, in Trivero, in the Alpine foothills near Biella. Ermenegildo began to produce fabrics using four looms. In his own words, these fabrics had to be “the most beautiful in the world.” Today, Zegna fabrics are still one of Italy’s most acclaimed exports, identified internationally by a red seal.



iDEA&Associates’s solution has been a stainless steel structure with tubular connection to the stone panels. To reduce the overall weights the stone has been assembled on sandwich aluminum panels, a solution that doesn’t compromise the overall feeling of materiality.
The big window glasses are 3.4m x 4.5m and they weights 1200 kg each. The facade is finished with metal blades fixed with an invisible mechanical fixation that has been designed to be invisible at naked eye. The result is an elegant shop entrance.


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