47th and 48th UAE NATIONAL DAY

On behalf of our client Emirates, iDEA designed and engineered a custom art installation for the 47th (2018) and 48th (2019) National Day Celebrations. In less than 48 hours our team installed over 15km of rope across 7 floors of the Emirates headquarters atrium using the colours of the UAE flag.

The main challenge of the installation was using the existing fixing points of the atrium whilst maintaining the right level of tension across the various different floors.

For this we designed a customized rigging solution to ensure tension remained for the month-long installation, whilst also considering the aesthetics of all details, from the look and feel of the hanging bracket to the colour and finishes or each I-bolt, all was reviewed and considered during the preproduction phase.

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Everything we produce, from Media Facade on buildings to interiors, to transport, engineering and product design is the culmination of an evolutionary process that derives beauty from form, economy and efficiency.



The airline’s head office is in the Emirates Group building in Dubai. The building is located on Airport Road, across from the site of the Emirates Engineering Centre. A tunnel connects the building to Dubai International Airport. Construction of the building cost AED 700 million and it began in 2004.

Over 6,000 employees work in the building.



iDEA&Associates designed a solution around the existing hanging points within Emirates atrium. The installation required 15 km of ropes, 500m of steel cables, 20 custom made brackets to fit the anchor points and more than 1000-man hours to produce it and install it in time for the National Day celebrations

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