CF12K Skis

Industrial design


These skis, designed by iDEA&Associates, are designed on forces involved during skiing and they are inspired by nature, precisely to swallows.
They are designed to be reduced to essential and to be lighter and faster than conventional skis. The research we have done is about the energy involved into skiing. These forces aren’t equal for both the skis and they are also not symmetrical within the same ski.

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iDEA&Associates has tested the materials in order to reach the right level of the resistance for anisotropic carbon fiber + epoxy. The result is a material with good properties but it is considerably more fragile than traditional composite fabric. For the aesthetic touches we have used 12K Batavia, the same used on F1 cars.



The materials are an obvious choice to give them flexibility, lightweight and an interesting texturized surface. Every material involved to built them are light, stiff and selected for them matt finish.

Carbon fiber is synonymous of technology and it has been used thanks to its fast building process, for its mechanical properties and for its finishing after moulding.